Porsche 911

Year of construction 1985
Kilometers 268130
Price € 36,950

Porsche 911 Carrera Coupe 3.2
European Car with 230hp and with dutch registration.
The car is in a good condition, the engine runs well and the car drives well.
There is some service history wich shows there has been done some engine and gearbox work in the past.

There has been done rust repairs in the past on the rockers and in front of the rear wheels,
at the moment there is some rust below the frontwindow, on a front fender and next to the battery.

The car can be driven as it is right now but this needs repairs at some point.

This could also be a nice car to make a nice Backdate which we can do for you also.

The car is all original ,color and engine and most probebly also gearbox.

Nice set of wide fuchs wheels.

Description Dutch

Porsche 911 carrera coupe
Europese auto met 230pk
goede auto met onderhouds historie .
De gewilde 3.2 motor.
originele auto in zijn originele kleur en met de originele motor.
De auto rijdt goed.
Mooie kleur en mooie brede fuchs velgen .
onder de voorruit en op de voorspatborden zit wat roest.
Mooie auto om een backdate van te maken.